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Trust Your InstinctsTrust Your Instincts
Count Basic
Spray Records 74321695113
Austria 1999



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In Love with Life
(Legat, Jehan II / Wunder)

Early morning
In paradise
Not a worry
Here to cloud my mind
Sun is shining on me bright
Keeps on lighting up my life
There´s a gentle breeze that takes me on a fancy ride
Takes me where I wanna stay for good

Feels like I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love with life
Feels like I'm falling in love
I'm falling in love with life
I don't wanna come down

Up high
High I fly
My spirit's rising to the sky
No more ties to hold me down when I'm taking off the ground
Leaving all my doubts all my troubles way behind me
Takes me where I wanna stay for good

I don't worry
Cause it's all behind me
Can you feel it
Cause it's all behind me
Taking off the ground you see
Would you like to come with me
On a magic carpet ride
We'll run away with time
So throw your cares away
The time has come today
To get on with your lives
And fall in love with life



Richest woman
(Legat, Jehan II / Sae)

If I had a dollar for everytime you lied
A penny for everytime I cried
A pillow to lay my head upon
Strong arms to keep my body warm
No one to harm me

And if I counted times you told me you would call
Promises you made, I took it all
I gave love, oh yes I took the fall
Where were you when I needed you the most
I was a fool to think

I could be the richest woman in the world
The richest woman in the world
(Be rich in love, be rich in life)

Money, sure don't make the man
Live life the best way you can
Respect me, and I will do the same
There's so much we all have to gain
Live your life this way

Truth will always be the key
To happiness between you and me
The value of that should be enough
To last for all eternity
Take heed to what I say



(Jehan II / Wunder)

Do you hear
me When I'm talking to you
Are you listening to me
Can you see me
When I'm passing you by
Do you notice me at all

Do you consider a little
The deeds that you do
When you're heading for your goal
Are you abusing or using
The powers you hold
Are you sure you're doing right

Your time will come to pay
Mind what you do someday
Will be returned some way

Do you feel it
When you're hurting someone
Does it matter at all
Can I trust you
To decide what to do
Are you honest with me



Heavy Dose
(Legat / Legat, Wunder)

Your love's like medicine
A cure to all my pain
The pill you gave to me
Nearly drove me insane
I'm hooked on your lovin'
Still hooked on your lovin'

I need a heavy dose of love
A heavy dose of you and me
Heavy dose of love
Heavy dose
Nearly drove me insane

Infected by your love
I've got you in my veins
You make love like surgery
You paralized my brain
Now I'm hooked on your lovin'
Still hooked on your lovin'

Please don't take your love away
I need it day by day by day
Your healing touch is what I'm longing for
I just need you more and more
It's your love I adore



I'm Loving You
( Jehan ll / Wunder)

If I could do
what I want to
If I had you by my side
Baby you could feel
all my lovin'

If I showed you
That I want you
If I had the chance
Baby you would fall
For me too

All my life long
I've waited for this moment
Now that it's here
I don't have the guts to say

I'm loving you...
I'm loving you now

If you would know
How I feel
If you could guess what's on my mind
Baby would you leave
Or would you stay

And if I told you
That I loved you
If I gave my heart to you tonight
Tell me would it matter
I'm yours if you want me too

All my life long
I've waited for my man
Now that you're here
I don't have the guts to say...

There's no words to say that I want
you to stay
That I'm longing for your touch
Oh and how I pray you would be the
first to say
That you love me, that you need me,
that you wantin' me as much



Licence to Kill listen

Verse I:
Hey baby
Thought you were the one who tried to run away
Ooh baby
Wasn't I the one who made you want to stay
Please don't bet, that you'll ever escape me
Once I get my sights on you

Gotta licence to kill
And you know I'm going straight for your heart
(Gotta licence to kill)
Gotta licence to kill
Anyone who tries to tear us apart
(Gotta licence to kill)
Oooh licence to kill

Verse II:
Hey baby
I Think you need a friend to stand up by your side, yeah
Oooh baby
Now you can depend on me to keep things right
Please don't bet that you'll ever escape me
Once I get my sights on you

Chorus: 1X

Say that somebody tries to make a move on you
In the blink of an eye, I'll be there too
And they better know why, I'm gonna make em pay
Til their dying day, til their dying day, til their dying day

Chorus: Out



I don´t want to wait
(Young, Wilson, McClain, Riddick)

Talking on the phone boy
You know it's alright
But I need you right next to me
Share what's inside
I enjoy your conversation
To me it's so nice
But if you can't be here
Then I'll find someone who can

I don't wanna wait 'til tomorow
Cause I've waited too long
And this feeling is so strong
I don't wanna wait 'til tomorrow
Another day is too long
And some love is what I want

I wanna feel your body
Holding me tight
Cause I need some warmth and tenderness
Share what's inside
I want more than company
Just for one night
And if you can't be there
Then I'll find someone who can

I want the touching
The holding
Ooh baby the feeling
The magic deep inside



One more chance
(Legat, Jehan II / Wunder)

Messed up my life
Haven’t done much good before
Wasting time was all I did
I never knew
Where to go, what to do
Just been a drifter, a drifter through time

I know I can make it
Just give me one more chance
sure I don’t deserve it
Give me one more chance

I’m sittin’ here
Getting lost in thoughts again
Waiting for my life to change
Why can’t you see
I need help desperately
Please believe in me, I need a little sympathy

Once is not enough that’s what they say
You need a second go to find your way



4 Oceans
(Legat, Jehan II / Legat, Wunder)

From the cradle to the grave
Happiness is what we’re searching for
But in fact all we gain
is an endless chain of pain
Oh why, why don’t we realize

Throughout your lives you shed more tears
Than there’s water in the four oceans
In all those years your only chance
Is your faith, your love and devotion
Oh why, why don’t we realize

On and on, right or wrong
The big wheel of life keeps on turning
What we do here and now
Will bear fruit in lives to come
Oh lord if only we came to see that

Just open your eyes and see
What’s going on
And take the first step to be
Light and free
As free as you hoped to be



Who´s gonna wipe
(Carlos McKinney)

I’m confessing that I’m in love with you, baby
I keep on telling myself to let it go
My heart is aching for your melody
I can’t seem to believe we’re through

Who’s gonna wipe my teardrops away
Tryin’ to hold on to a love that’s gone astray
Who’s gonna love me when the sun turns into rain
It’s that same old sad song, I don’t wanna live my life without you

I pass by places where we used to go
Can’t help thinking ‘bout those yesterdays
How could I let my angel slip away
It’s hurting me so deep inside

Never know what you miss until it’s gone away
Can’t wait ‘til the teardrops dry and bring brighter days
I had to let my pride go, it’s a small price to pay for being in love
Who’s gonna wipe my tears away



Rise & Fall
( Legat / Legat, Wunde)

Many weeks have passed
Since we broke up and you left
No, you didn‘t break my heart apart
We just didn‘t give our best
What‘s good is gone,it‘s over now
You took it all and gave it up
Never thought about what we were losing

With you I was so sure
But now there ain‘t no cure
The rise and fall of love
Whatever it may take
I surerly want you back
The rise and fall of love

Time and time again I asked myself
If you feel it the way I do
Are you missin‘ me like I miss you
Are you tryin‘ to be cool
I wonder why we couldn‘t make it
We could have been so good together
I just can‘t believe that it‘s all over




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