Laurinho Bandeira

Laurinho BandeiraPercussion

Percussionist and performer Laurinho Bandeira from Floripa, Brasil and resident in Vienna, is an energetic performing artist. He works as a studio & live musician in various projects and musical styles (ethno, jazz, soul, funk, hip hop and of course traditional latin percussion) and also as percussion and drum teacher. Beside that he is organiser of music projects and has also founded an institution for HIV positive kids in Brasil.

Credits: Count Basic, Vienna Art Orchestra, Friedrich Gulda, Wolfgang Puschnig, Alegre Correa, Mato Grosso, Sandra Pires, Joni Madden, EAV and many more

Equipment: LP Congas, LP Bongos

Endorsements: Laurinho Bandeira plays percussion instruments by Klangfarbe

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